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        Welcome to Recovery MMJ! By visiting our website you've taken the first step in understanding and controlling your cannabis regiment. We understand that this process can be confusing, and that’s why we are here to help. Recovery MMJ is a revolutionary and personalized way to approach your Cannabis/Hemp regiment plan with the assistance of one of our trained consultants, you'll receive precise and accurate information that will benefit your medical journey. Recovery MMJ is always one step ahead of your medical cannabis regiment plan while using up to date methods to create personalized assistance.


        At Recovery MMJ we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service available and producing high-quality terpene enriched CBD products. Founded in Palm Harbor Florida, Recovery MMJ seeks to provide assistance to patients and caregivers searching for a deeper understanding of their medical cannabis regiment plan. Our professional consultants will help you find your ideal cannabis product and supplements that will boost the benefits of your medical cannabis products. If you are currently a registered medical cannabis patient in the state of Florida or a willing candidate, we can assist with getting you signed up with the state of Florida as well as finding Physicians local to you to get the process started.   

        As wellness enthusiasts, at Recovery MMJ we encourage our patients to live a more active, green, and uplifting lifestyle. We strive to help find wellness in all aspects of life, from cannabis regiment plans to exercise and diet regiments Recovery MMJ is here to help. 

Recovery MMJ Nano-CBD combines cannabinoids & botanical essence into highly reactive 3 dimensional polymers designed to delivery rapid and controlled dosing of Medical Cannabis/CBD. Recovery MMJ uses a patent pending processing platform. Our team creates conductive polymers that are designed to deliver specific benefits using a skin/sublingual contact deployment method, without the negative personal and social side effects of the consumption or inhalation routes of administration. We rapidly deliver all the desired benefits of Medical Cannabis/CBD directly through the body’s skin sensors for the Topical route of administration. This superior topical/sublingual delivery system produces rapid dispersion by combining skin signaling, skin cell dilation and epidural migration providing rapid and controlled dosing of all available cannabinoids.


Industry Issue:

Hemp as an oil molecule has a wall around it, as does the water molecule. To the human body, the hemp molecule is hydrophobic, whereas the water molecule is hydrophilic. When taken into the human body, up to 80% of the oil molecule is rejected and discharged. Only the remaining 20% then travels through the digestive system for conversion - thereby diminishing the utilization rate and compromising the ultimate benefit of the hemp molecule.


Recovery MMJ is the bridge from oil to water delivery systems. Recovery MMJ/GK Particles removes the wall of the oil molecule through directed energy frequency technologies tuned to shatter the wall. The shattered full Spectrum HEMP biomass is then processed and bonded to a predigested starch particle. The proprietary process that creates GKT’s water crystal Nano particle utilizes Recovery MMJ/GK Particles structured water. This water is exclusive to Recovery MMJ/GK Particles and is the world’s lowest water tension molecule measured at 38 tension. Recovery MMJ water crystal Nano particles are made using the shattered oil wall HEMP biomass via GK Particles 38 tension water integration processes.



Your body has a water tension of 48. Since Recovery MMJ/GK Particles water crystal Nano particle crystal has the lower hydrostatic tension number it collapses into the human body to 100% upon touching any human cell. All human cells have the endocannabinoid system in them so there is no need to use a Nano particle to breach any cell’s bio barrier. Bio barriers are a contact source to the endocannabinoid system and all mammal bio barriers contain endocannabinoid cells. 



The bio barriers are a contact source to the endocannabinoid system. Since all mammal bio barriers have endocannabinoid cells in them our technology was designed NOT to breach bio barriers.  Our technology allows for INSTANT uptake and therefore sends the HEMP signal immediately upon touching any bio barrier. The predigested starch is recognized as food and allows triggers to enhance cellular uptake and allows for longer retention times.


Key value:

Recovery MMJ/GK Particles eliminates the need to go through the digestive systems to convert CBD/HEMP bio mass into energy.  Your body will flush out 80% of oil-based products as they travel through your system leaving only 20% of that oil in the digestive system.


















1) Difference in Anti-Inflammatory Activity: 62.05%

- Percentage increase from Non-polarized CBD: 770%

 2) Difference in Anti-Inflammatory Activity: 58.44%

- Percentage increase from Non-polarized CBD: 572%


COA Results

Recovery MMJ non-polarized CBD and polarized CBD graph
Recovery MMJ Photonically treated CBD used. Nano charged cbd in florida
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